Who we are

Pyjama Drama started in the UK in 2005 when drama teacher Sarah Owen, at the time mum of three children under five, created a children's drama and imaginative play programme. Before long, Pyjama Drama classes were running throughout the UK and in 2015 her sister, Rachel McKenna, also an experienced teacher, joined the team.

Sarah and Rachel run Pyjama Drama together and have taken our programmes, resources, courses, and curricula to Malaysia, Australia and more recently, California where our anti-bias curriculum, 'Stand Up and Act Out' is also being delivered, thanks to our American partner, Sarah Rijnen.

Sarah Owen is an experienced secondary school Drama and English teacher and Rachel taught Art, after completing an MA in teaching. Until a few years ago, Rachel had never taught a drama lesson and is the first to admit that the idea of using drama in the classroom made her feel uncomfortable and certainly a little nervous. This means that all Pyjama Drama's resources, courses, and lesson plans have been through the 'Rachel test'; if she feels comfortable and confident delivering them, everyone will!

We've also been supported in the development of 'Stand Up and Act Out', which acts as a preventative anti-bullying curriculum in primary schools, by a number of professionals including Natalie Gaulton (Deputy Headteacher), Professor Carrie Langer (Child Psychologist at California Polytechnic State University), and two inclusion and diversity consultants here in the UK, Patricia Chinyoka and Ekaete Assiak

No matter where you live, we know that our approach will work for you. How do we know? Because drama is an inclusive learning tool and because Pyjama Drama has thousands of happy customers – children, parents and teachers alike, all over the world!