Training videos to bring lesson plans to life

'Stand Up and Act Out' has been written to meet the requirements of Relationships Education in England but has also been embraced by our partners in California. When you watch our training videos (example below), it's easy to see how children are the same the world over, and all teachers, no matter where they are from in the world or what their experience of drama, can quickly learn to deliver our curriculum by watching them.

In the video below, we show Year 1 and 2 teachers how to facilitate, 'When I Was a Baby'. Take a look and see how the activity, structured like a game but with no 'winners' or losers', gives children the opportunity to practice being Upstanders. 


So that they build the skills and confidence to stand up for their classmates should they see them being teased or bullied, 
outside of the classroom... 



What's next?
Download a sample lesson plan here, or book a call with one of the co-creators and get all your questions answered. 


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