And then all of a sudden you're a drama teacher
"Apart from the odd performance in school, I've literally got no drama experience whatsoever. I found it really easy as a teacher because the plans are so straightforward to follow. It doesn't take much planning or preparation and because it's so detailed, it gives you the confidence to deliver and explore the lesson as well. And I feel the more you teach it, the more comfortable you become and then all of a sudden you're a drama teacher - it's amazing!" Nikita Salt, teacher and SENCO


On atmosphere
"The children really look forward to the's really lovely for them to do something that's very expressive and has the drama side...the games, they are really excited about, they love the chants and the songs and joining in...the atmosphere in the classroom - it's buzzing." Helen Drinkwater, teacher 


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On lesson plans
"It's incredibly easy, everything's there that you need, even discussion questions...and the more lessons that you go through the easier it becomes because they're all formatted in a very similar way. I've also noticed as a teacher children know what's next which I do think strengthens their knowledge of what you're trying to discuss with them...I just find it a really easy format to follow, it's brilliant." Nikita Salt, teacher and SENCO


On importance
"I think the messages in 'Stand Up and Act Out' are so important, especially in the current climate.  I love the fact that it’s not just paying lip service to ‘all differences are celebrated’ but actually teaching how this looks explicitly. We can tell our children that they need to be allies to people who are being discriminated against, but it’s not always easy for adults to know how this sounds in practise, so I think it is so valuable that they are getting taught these phrases that they can then internalise. Hopefully they will carry them through their lives and even teach their families some of them. I hope that they do something like this in high schools as I would love my own children who are high school age to develop this kind of vocabulary so that they can use it to stand up for themselves or others." Catherine Harrison, PSHE lead


On training
"Well-paced, informative and had a good balance of teaching and videos - I'm looking forward to teaching it!" Jo Connor, teacher


On teaching about difference 
"As SENCO of the school, obviously exploring diversity and having an understanding of all the children's differences is incredibly important to me and to our school. Trying to explain that to children and exploring that is also incredibly important but also it can be quite difficult as well because some of the things that come up can be quite a tricky thing to discuss with children. ['Stand Up and Act Out'] almost gives an open forum for children to feel confident talking about difference." Nikita Salt, teacher and SENCO


"Thank you, I feel like I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will have in our school:)"  Louise O'Donnell, teacher


On training
"The training gave a really good overview of the scheme across the school...I really like the way it drilled down into the actual lesson so you could see the way the lesson progessed and the different sections. The videos that were included in the session were also really useful because you could see it in action and how the children were responding." Julia Bill, teacher 


On games
"Last week we had a lesson and part of it was playing a game called Snowballs which is brilliant where they had to write down three things that they are happy about in their the end of the lesson I think they all felt fantastic...the children adore it." Nikita Salt, teacher and SENCO


On differences
"Within our school (it's not a very diverse area) I do think it's highlighted the things that they can't always see that are different about each other. I have a child in my class in particular who's really happy to share things that he hasn't shared with the other children before." Catherine Harrison, PSHE lead


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