Building respectful relationships...

Written by teachers for teachers, 'Stand Up and Act Out' enables schools to deliver 100% of Relationships Education, in just six weekly one-hour lessons.

By using drama as the tool, students explore a range of diverse characters (including their classmates), examining their relationships and working together to identify and celebrate what makes them different. Through drama and play, students also build on their own self-esteem and learn how to keep themselves safe. 

In every lesson students take on the role of Upstanders, practising standing up for each other in the security of the classroom. In this way, as well as supporting Relationships Education, the curriculum acts as a preventative anti-bullying curriculum. Put simply, bullying is much less likely to happen when students are taught about diversity and much less likely to escalate if students know how to intervene.

Find a more detailed overview of the curriculum hereor find out exactly how the curriculum supports Relationships Education by downloading this helpful document. Visit the Department for Education to view the statutory requirements here


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