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Can I arrange a time to talk to you before purchasing 'Stand Up and Act Out'? 
Absolutely. Easily book a phone call at a convenient time by clicking here, or email us to arrange a Teams meeting or similar - whatever works for you. 

How much does 'Stand Up and Act Out' cost? 
A one-year subscription price is based on the number of students you have on role as follows:

SMALL SCHOOL (up to 200 pupils on role) £200 plus VAT

MEDIUM SCHOOL (201 - 300 on role) £240 plus VAT

LARGE SCHOOL (301 - 400 on role) £280 plus VAT

XLARGE SCHOOL (400+ on role) £325 plus VAT

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Do you offer discounts for Local Education Authorities? 
Yes, please get in touch to discuss discounted subscriptions for multiple schools. 


Does the curriculum support Relationships Education? 
Yes, 100% of Relationships Education is covered when all year groups participate in our six, one-hour lessons per year. Find out exactly how the curriculum supports Relationships Education by downloading this helpful documentVisit the Department for Education to view the statutory requirements here


Which Key Stages does it cover? 
The curriculum covers Key Stages 1 and 2 (children in Years 1 - 6).

Do you offer anything for EYFS? 

Children in EYFS can prepare for joining their Stand Up School by learning and practising singing The School Anthem, we also include some bonus activities for Nursery and Reception so that they can begin to learn about what it means to be a good friend in a Stand Up School.

How many lessons are there?
There are 36 lessons, 6 per year group (Years 1 - 6). 

How long do lessons last? 
Each lesson lasts an hour.

When is the best time to deliver 'Stand Up and act Out'? 
Deliver the curriculum at any time during the school year. 


Can we deliver 'Stand Up and Act Out' for Anti-Bullying Week?
Absolutely! Deliver a one hour lesson every day during Anti-Bullying Week. This leaves you with a final lesson to deliver at a time to suit you - lesson 6 in the curriculum - which teaches children how to stand up for themselves. Find out more about how to use the curriculum for Anti-Bullying Week here.

Can non-drama specialists teach 'Stand Up and Act Out'? 
Every lesson has been written with the non-drama specialist in mind to enable any teaching professional to deliver an outstanding lesson – even if they have no experience of drama, or consider themselves to be naturally shy. Teachers tell us time and time again that despite feeling nervous about using drama in the classroom, our training and support means they are confident in no time.

What training is offered? 
Initial training is online via a one-hour, pre-recorded video. The curriculum is most likely to impact ongoing behavioural change if all stakeholders understand and embrace its ethos of inclusion and for this reason, we recommend all staff attend training, including support staff. Although the prerecorded training video offers flexibility (it can be revisited or offered to new staff members for example) the ideal is that staff watch the training video together, after all, collaboration is at the very core of the curriculum. 

Do you offer ongoing support? 
Teachers can email a member of our support team at any time and are actively encouraged to join our online support group where other professionals delivering the same curriculum can ask each other (and Pyjama Drama specialists) questions. This is a group dedicated to professional development and members not only ask questions but also give advice and offer each other specific support. 


Where do I access the curriculum and resources?
'Stand Up and Act Out' is hosted on our partner site MyCPDGroup - visit here.



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