Tried and tested lesson plans

Students in years 1 - 6 participate in six one-hour lessons per year (download a sample lesson plan here). 

In each Stand Up lesson (lessons 1 - 5), students meet a different character who is being teased, picked on or bullied because of a real (or perceived) difference, and learn how to stand up for them. Cassie for example, whose friend continues to make unkind comments about her two Dads, Garywhose classmates find his energy difficult to cope with, Marc whose friends tell him he walks 'like a girl' or Adelle, who wishes her best friend understood how proud she is of being black and that even though we are all equal, it doesn't mean we are all the same. 

In lesson 6, students meet characters who find themselves in unsafe situations; Victor who met a kid online whose behaviour is now making him feel uncomfortable, or best friends Rhian and Lucy who are asked to keep a secret they know they really shouldn't. Working together, students learn how to keep themselves safe, should they ever find themselves in similar situations. 

No matter what your experience of using drama in the classroom, our plans are easy to follow. Watch the video below to see how our teacher notes will help reduce your planning time, as well as ensure lessons meet the requirements of Relationships Education



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