Deliver 'Stand Up and Act Out' for free - forever!

Thank you for your interest in delivering our drama-based, anti-bias curriculum and becoming a Stand Up School!

Please read the details herein carefully to ensure you are happy to proceed. We only have a limited number of schools that we can offer the curriculum to for free and as such, would like to make sure all schools who sign up are able to deliver the curriculum within the timescale required and provide feedback - and we're well aware of just how busy you are!


By submitting this form, you are confirming that:

1. You will receive everything you need to deliver 'Stand Up and Act Out' for free, for as long as you wish to, including a one hour, pre-recorded initial training video

2. You will receive access to the curriculum for as many members of staff as is required, from your school alone

3. You are able to ensure all staff members who will be delivering the curriculum (and ideally also support staff) watch the initial training video together, as a group, and are able to set aside 1 hour to accommodate this

4. You are able to deliver the first year of the curriculum to Years 1 - 6 before 1st January 2022 (should you choose to continue to deliver the curriculum thereafter, you can of course deliver it at the time most convenient to you). You know that the curriculum is made up of six, one hour lessons which are ideally delivered over six weeks

5. All staff who deliver the curriculum will be able to provide feedback via a short questionnaire

6. You will access 'Stand Up and Act Out' via our partner site (available after May half-term) which includes access to a closed support group and ongoing direct support from our directors

If you require further information about the curriculum before confirming your space, please follow the links below:

  • Watch a short video that sums up the curriculum here
  • Read an overview of the curriculum here
  • Download an example lesson plan here
  • Watch an example training video here
  • Read FAQs here
  • Arrange a time to talk to one of our co-creators here

Thanks again! We're excited to help make your school a Stand Up School - a place where difference is recognised and celebrated, and where students have the confidence and skills they need to stand up for each other, and themselves...

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