Stand Up lessons!

All lessons begin (and end, if you have time) with the singing of The School Anthem – an original Pyjama Drama song that summarises the ethos of your Stand Up School and highlights a culture of acceptance, celebration and diversity (listen below!).



Lessons are then split into three discrete but interconnecting sections...

1. All about...
In each lesson, students listen to the story of a different (imaginary) character who emails their Stand Up School to share their experience of teasing or bullying. Although make-believe, each email is central to each lesson, and students work together to analyse the story and identify how the character could be supported.  

2. Practise
Students play a drama game to practise being and learning the language of Upstanders, then put their newfound skills into practice by performing in a simple drama. 

3. All about you!
In this final section, students play a drama game designed to help them identify and celebrate their own unique differences and similarities. 


Stand Up lessons: 

  • Give students opportunities to explore eleven differences throughout primary school*
  • Have been written by experienced drama teachers 
  • Are age-differentiated (all activities are written to gradually build knowledge, skills and understanding with a cumulative effect)
  • Can easily be delivered by non-drama specialists, and teachers with no experience of teaching drama
  • Can be delivered in a classroom (simply move tables and chairs to one side!)  
  • Develop children's key social skills and contribute to their overall well-being 
  • Provide full coverage of Relationships Education 

*Differences explored: Culture and ethnicity, (dis)ability, family income, family structure, gender, language, physical features, race, religion, talents and preferences