But I don't 'do' drama!


It's not about putting on plays...

When we refer to teaching through drama, we don’t mean putting on productions or any kind of performance - our lessons won't culminate in a school play. To us, teaching through drama is just good teaching. Because when children are taught through drama, they experience the content and this leads to the deepest kind of learning: experiential learning. What’s more, the process of experiential learning is loaded with side-benefits. When children role-play or pretend together, not only are they more alert and engaged (with happy brains primed for learning!) but they are actually learning skills for success: 



"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin


You don't need to be 'good at drama' to teach Stand Up and Act Out ... 

Our curriculum hasn't been developed for drama teachers. It's been designed for any teacher who wants their students to actively experience learning. We have been training non-drama-teachers to use drama since 2005, and even the most cautious teachers are converted and enthusiastic when they see how their children respond.


We promise...

  • Our lesson plans are easy to follow and don't require teachers to have any drama skills themselves (see an example here)
  • Our approach to training is non-pretentious and our trainers down to earth and friendly
  • We will actively offer you and your colleagues ongoing support, via email and our online support forum  


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