What’s the one thing that teachers don’t have enough of? Time. Our new RSE anti-bullying  programme covers 100% of Relationships Education in just 6 one hour lessons – really. Deliver six lessons every year and ensure that your young people leave primary school having successfully met every single learning outcome in the now mandatory RSE curriculum in England.

Staff set aside 1 hour (either as a group, or individually) to watch an interactive and informative training video which enables them to know exactly what’s expected of them, where to find their resources, and how to confidently deliver the lessons without onerous planning time required.

Each lesson is carefully crafted to enable any teaching professional to be able to deliver an outstanding drama lesson. Teachers don’t have to good at pretending or acting. All they have to do is support open discussion and facilitate powerful drama games. Every game and activity is supported by a short and clear training video so even if they’re not used to delivering drama lessons, they quickly feel confident and in control – ensuring that these important learning outcomes are fully met by students.

Lesson plans also include helpful ‘teacher notes’ which help save staff planning time – notes that give ideal answers or definitions to words. We know that teachers often feel a little apprehensive talking about difference, worried they may say the wrong thing or offend someone. These helpful notes and our included glossary give staff the knowledge they need to deliver lessons with confidence.


image of one of our lesson plans


And teachers have told us that because of all this, the planning time required is minimal – leaving them to put their efforts into delivering an outstanding lesson.

What’s more, you’ll know that your school isn’t simply paying lip service to diversity or anti-bullying. You’ll know that the ethos created in those six hour-long lessons pervades the school all year round, as well as having a positive impact out of school. Because when you use drama as the tool, the learning that takes place reaches far beyond the classroom door. When you take on roles, when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, when you practise saying things out loud which you may never have had the opportunity to do before, you grow in confidence and understanding in a way that is unique to drama.

So, if you’d like to become a Stand Up School, save your staff time whilst safe in the knowledge that the lessons they’re delivering are inclusive, powerful and have far reaching positive impacts, sign up today!