With over thirty schools across the UK already booked in on our free training, we're feeling pretty excited about 23rd September when we'll be showing teachers, RSE Leads, PHSE Leads, Early Intervention Co-ordinators, Heads and Deputies, how to use drama to help prevent bullying in primary schools (while delivering Relationships Educations school-wide). 

Why drama? Because most bullying behaviours are the result of a real or perceived difference so when children are taught about diversity bullying is less likely to happen and when it does, because in lessons children also develop their Upstander skills,  they are able to stand up for each other thereby stopping bullying in its tracks.

We're proud to be core members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, the UK charity that organises anti-bullying week each year, and we're proud of our curriculum, 'Stand Up and Act Out' which uses drama to help children celebrate difference and practise being Upstanders so they can stick up for their friends should they see them being teased, picked on, or bullied. When delivered for children in KS2 and KS3, delivering the curriculum ensures 100% of Relationships Education is delivered too! 

So if you're a teacher or work in a school and would like to know more about our curriculum, join us on 23rd September from 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm. It's totally free and you'll leave with age-differentiated, tried-and-tested drama lesson plans, music and resources suitable for children in years 1 - 6.

Drama is an inclusive learning tool because children learn by doing which means every child be they confident, shy, or somewhere in between, has a chance to shine.

Join our free training and let's eradicate bullying - together!