Anti-Bullying Week

'Stand Up and Act Out' is the perfect resource for Anti-Bullying Week (15 - 19 November 2021). This curriculum acts as a preventative anti-bullying curriculum by normalising Upstander behaviours and celebrating difference (both real and perceived, in your school and the wider world).

In every one hour lesson, children are introduced to a different character who is being teased, bullied or picked on because they are different (or because people think they are different). Through discussion and drama-based games and activities they explore the character's situation by taking on roles including Upstanders and Bystanders. They develop a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of difference and through drama, develop the skills and confidence they need to celebrate difference and stand up for someone (respectfully) should they see them being teased or bullied.

This is a curriculum with collaboration, kindness and school spirit at its very heart. Becoming a Stand Up School is powerful, fun and easy even for non-drama specialists to deliver. It develops kind, caring, curious, confident, open and accepting students who can go out into our wonderfully diverse world and have fun, succeed and make a difference!

To use 'Stand Up and Act Out' for Anti-Bullying Week, rather than delivering the curriculum over 6 weeks, you'll make it a focus of the week in the following way. 


Deliver the 20 minute introductory lesson as a whole-school assembly to kick-start Anti-Bullying Week and launch your Stand Up School! Deliver lesson 1 in individual classrooms to KS1 and 2

Deliver lesson 2

Deliver lesson 3

Deliver lesson 4

Deliver lesson 5


Lesson 6:
Because 'Stand Up and Act Out' meets 100% of Relationships Education, the sixth lesson for all year groups focuses on how students stand up for themselves if they feel unsafe. This can be delivered at any point after Anti-Bullying Week that's convenient for your school.

Nursery and Reception:
'Stand Up and Act Out' has been written predominantly for English schools to deliver Relationships Education and therefore the focus is Key Stages 1 and 2. However, all purchases of the curriculum will come with a bonus set of activities to deliver to your Nursery and Reception classes which can be used to either help celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, or at any other time during the year. 

If you have any questions about 'Stand Up and Act Out', get in touch or buy now on our partner site, MyCPDGroup!


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