Classes (age 2-3)

Classes (age 2-3)

Age: 2 - 3 years
Day: Mondays
Time: 10:15am - 10:55am
Location: SLO Movement Arts Center, 2074 Parker St. #100, San Luis Obispo
Adults Stay? Yes

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Join us for a free trial class and discover the fun for yourself!

Pyjama Drama has been shown to have real demonstrable benefit for a child’s development, and the effect is cumulative; many parents tell us that they see this after only three weeks. After this short amount of time, a child may develop the confidence to join in a game on their own or take on a role in the drama, sit with concentration and listen to the teacher or learn to take turns with their new friends for example

After your trial, a 10-class card is $120, good for 120 days. New students receive a free t-shirt!

Drop-ins are $15 and we offer a 15% sibling discount.

Consistent attendance helps children to feel comfortable and confident, so we encourage families to come every week, but if illness and travel make it difficult to get to every class, your 10-class card gives you some flexibility.  Have fun!


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Meet Sarah Rijnen...

Sarah has a degree in Theater Arts and a Masters degree in Education. She discovered her passion for Creative Drama as an intern at the Seattle Children's Theater. She then taught first grade in Phoenix, Arizona and in Helsinki, Finland. She sees drama as an excellent resource for social, intellectual, and physical development and a vital component of primary and preschool education. Upon moving back home to California she was lucky to be able to focus on raising her family and teaching drama classes to the youngest of performers! She loves the structure of Pyjama Drama classes because it allows for a safe and joyful learning experience.

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